Course Catalog with (Course Descriptions) 

To receive a diploma from Xavier High School, a student graduating must fulfill the following requirements:                       

Credits for Graduation:

Theology 4.0 credits  
English 4.0 credits
Math 3.0 credits
Science 3.0 credits
Fine Arts 1.0 credit
Social Studies 3.0 credits
Physical Education     1.5 credits
Health 0.5 credit
Business & IT 1.0 credit
Electives 8.0 credits
Total 29.0 credits








Students are awarded 0.5 credits when Christian Service is completed.

Required Credits:                                      

  • Business: Computer Applications and Personal Finance
  • Math: Algebra and Geometry and one additional math credit
  • Science: Lab Science, Intro to Physics, Intro to Chemistry or Chemistry, Biology or AP Biology
  • Fine Arts: Choose 1.0 credit from Art, Music, Drama, Creative Writing, Yearbook, Journalism, Speech, Media Basics, and Media Production
  • Social Studies: Intro to Western Studies, World History, US History or APUSH and Government or College Credit Government 
  • Theology: While attending Xavier, each student (regardless of religious affiliation) is required to take theology, attend class retreats and fulfill the Christian Service requirement each of the four years

In the freshman, sophomore, and junior years each student must carry eight credits.  Seniors must carry a minimum of six credits, three classes per term. 

Curriculum Plan: 
Grade 9 - Total Credits (8.0)

  • Health (.5), Theology (1.0), English (1.0), Math (1.0), Science (1.0), Intro to Western Studies (.5), Computer Applications (.5), Electives

Grade 10 - Total Credits (8.0)

  • Theology (1.0), English (1.0), Math (1.0), Science (1.0), World History (1.0), Electives 

Grade 11 - Total Credits (8.0)

  • Theology (1.0), English (1.0), Math (1.0), Science (1.0), US History (1.0), Personal Finance Jr or Sr yr (.5), Electives

Grade 12 - Total Credits (6.0-8.0)

  • Theology (1.0), English (1.0), Government (.5), Personal Finance or College Cr Personal Finance Jr or Sr yr (.5), Electives

Besides the subjects listed above, a student would need to take one credit of fine arts, one and one-half credits of physical education and at least eight credits of electives.

One-half credit will be granted upon completion of 80-hours of Christian Service.

Those planning to attend college are recommended to take at least two credits of world language.  University of Minnesota is requiring four math credits.  This is a requirement by some colleges for admissions.

Procedures for Registration: 

Incoming Freshmen

The following must be submitted to Xavier High School:         

  • Grade school achievement records AND health and immunization information
  • Course selection sheet for academic year
  • Application form plus a nonrefundable registration fee       

Continuing Students

The registration and course selection process will be explained by school  counselors in classrooms.  Students will select courses online. Parents will be asked to complete the application form and submit non-refundable registration fee payable to St. Francis Xavier Catholic School System.   

Transfer Students

Transcript and records from the school last attended including health and immuniza­tion information must be submitted to the Xavier Guidance Department. In addition, a personal interview by the parent(s) and student must take place with the Xavier administration. 

1.  Ordinarily student transfers occur at the beginning of a semester.            
2.  Decisions regarding evaluation, transfer, and acceptance of credits toward graduation are reserved to Xavier.