Learning Services

Services Offered: 

Learning Specialists are available throughout the day.

  • A Resource Room is staffed throughout the day for test proctoring and individual assistance.

  • Tutoring: Teachers and Learning Specialists are available during X period and Z period for extra help. 

  • In-class Auxiliary Support:  The Learning Specialists visit and assist in classes where needed.

  • Testing & Assessment:  Screening tests and testing for strengths and weaknesses in achievement, and  cognitive skills are available. There are several standardized as well as informal tests available for informal evaluation of learning difficulties.  Community referrals for further evaluation are available upon request.

  • Curriculum Modifications:  The Learning Specialists will confer with an educational team to determine any modifications to assist with the academic success of a student.

  • Recommended Teaching Strategies:  After determining the needs and best way to teach a student with learning difficulties, an individualized information sheet can be provided for each of the student’s teachers.

  • Behavior Modification Plans: Support systems can be devised and implemented for targeting desired academic behaviors and fading undesirable ones.

  • Advocacy:  The Learning Specialists are available as a liaison between regular teachers and students with learning needs.

  • Support Materials: Information that is helpful for understanding learning needs of students is available.

  • Study Tips: Condensed information for academic success on a variety of topics is available.

  • Learning Support:  Books in audio format, alternate texts, manipulative teaching materials, study  and technological aids

Contact Mrs. Shimek or Mrs. Ervin to set up an appointment to discuss your student’s academic success.