Xavier Scholars Program

What is a Scholar?

Xavier Scholars develop their passion in an academic field of study through an individualized course of learning and experience.  Scholars work with faculty mentors to explore new ideas, to contribute to a body of research, and to create a network of community members who share expertise in the field. By their pursuits, they exemplify the scholarly spirit and give glory to God with their excellence. 
Qualifications and requirements vary for each program. See a member of the respective department for more information, or get details and application materials on the Xavier Scholars web page. 
Students may apply to be a scholar in the spring of each school year; a student may only participate in one Scholar Program during high school.  

How to Apply to be a Xavier Scholar

Step 1— Meet with a teacher in the department of your interest. Ask for application materials and discuss the process. 
Step 2—Complete the application process and be accepted as a Scholar for the department. 
Step 3—Maintain eligibility for the program by meeting the requirements of the department and staying in regular communication with your faculty mentor. 

Benefits of Being a Xavier Scholar 

  • You get to pursue your passion with help from mentors at school and in the community!
  • You get a unique experience that will set you apart from students at other schools. Being a Scholar looks great on college applications. Your project will make a great college essay topic.
  • Successful completion of the program earns the Scholar a special medal of their chosen program's patron saint to be worn at graduation. 

Scholars Program Options