Christian Service

As people of faith, we expect all members of the community to develop a spirit of generosity and service. To that end, each student is required to complete 80 hours of documented community service in order to graduate. In gratitude for the spiritual and financial support that our parishes provide, students are required to do at least 20 of their 80 total hours as service to the parish. All service hours are documented and approved through Questions regarding posting a service opportunity or recording service hours should be directed to the Campus Minister. 

Yearly service hours must be documented and approved by mid-May. Only representatives of the non-profit organization can approve service hours. Parents and students may not approve service hours. Service hours cannot be done for one’s family members, for a for-profit business, or if the student is getting paid for the work.

If service hours are not complete by the deadline, the student will accrue a period of suspension from sports and activities for every day beyond the deadline that the service is not done.

Questions about service hours should be directed to Mrs. Waters at