Fine Arts

The Xavier Fine Arts Department believes in a global and cross-curricular approach to the arts through which students will: Acquire a foundation of basic skills and interdisciplinary literacy in each area; Study works of a variety of cultures, traditions, and time periods; Understand the vital role of the arts in the world and in our lives as humans and children of God.  

Please click the brochure below for more information about each offering and Fine Arts staff contact information.


-Concert Band
-Wind Ensemble
-Jazz Ensemble
-Marching Band and Pep Band


-Chamber Music Ensemble


-Children's Theatre Production
-Improv/Acting Troupe
-Technical Theatre Production
-Media Basics and Production

Music Theory

-Intro to Music Theory
-Advanced Music Theory


Choral Music

-Concert Choir

Visual Arts

- Introduction to Art
- Photoshop & InDesign
- Arts and Crafts
- Two-Dimensional Design
- Three-Dimensional Design
- Advanced Computer Graphics & Design
- Drawing
- Painting
- Honors Art
-Extra Curricular Art Club